Design and Manufacturing

Raj and Niko design each Raja watch in Manila, Philippines. They spend at least 200 hours to design a time instrument. For every model, they think of the would be wearer, and how a time piece will be the ultimate expression of a Raja watch owner's aspirations.


The founders would like to create original, well crafted and innovative watches for the contemporary leaders. It is a fresh approach in watchmaking- taking into consideration, in all stages, the preferences and style of the would be wearers. Each timepiece will be a true expression one's feeling and emotions. Truly, the most important piece of jewelry a man can own. The main concept is to deliver a timekeeping device that would be part of the owner's Legacy.


Only high caliber materials are used in the making of Raja timepieces. Each component of the watch is carefully sourced to ensure finest grade and quality. The 316L Stainless steel case used in most of our products are made in-house and built to withstand extreme conditions. Sapphire and hardened mineral crystals provide a sophisticated view of our well crafter dials.  The hands, the crown, the case back, and bracelets complement each other, making every watch a true masterpiece. 

Raja Watch Co. produces timepieces in small quantities making sure that each watch goes through a manufacturing process that is closely monitored for quality assurance. While state of the art machines are used in production, 50 percent of the components are either made or assembled by hand courtesy of our seasoned watchmakers. Watches are forged and tested for accuracy, water resistance, and functionality, going though at least 12 different manufacturing and evaluation processes before they reach the wearers' wrists.