Our Story



The founders of Raja Watch Co., Niko de Dios and Raj Khatwani met in 2010, in the Cayman Islands. They both worked in the luxury industry, which gave  them proper exposure to the competitive but exciting world of high end jewelry and watches. The two had an excellent relationship both at work and as best friends. After their work hours, over a fine meal and glasses of Mojitos, which they often had in front of the waters of the Caribbean, they have constantly discussed their passion for watches, and horology in general. This shared interest have contributed to their solid friendship over the last decade. 

Niko moved back to the Philippines in 2013 and Raj stayed in the Caymans until 2020. They met again in Manila, where the idea of Raja Watch Co. was conceived. While Niko have always missed working in the luxury industry after moving back home, Raj, is trying to find something to establish in the Philippines, having chosen the country to be his second home. And they believe that this is a perfect venture that they can go into, with their knowledge, shared passion, and work experience. As they say, the sun always rises in the east. 

Everything starts with a vision. And the founders' idea is a watch company that will honorably represent the East in the world of Horology. A brand that will manufacture timepieces that are inspired, but not limited, by the ingenuity, creativity, and rich culture rooted from this hemisphere, where they both are from. More importantly, they want to build a brand that will set it apart from established companies, that they look up to, but mostly dependent on traditions. As they highly recognize the importance of heritage in watchmaking, the goal of Raja is to manufacture watches for the clients based on their imagination and preferences. As an expression of one's aspirations, these timepieces will not only be instruments of time, but will also be the wearers' Legacy.

The founders are truly proud to introduce this 2020, the Raja Watch Company. Founded in the East, ready to conquer the world.