Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?
You can place an order thru the following channels:
        2. Our social media accounts:
            IG: @therajawatch
        3. Call or message us at 
        4. Send us an email:     


When will you ship my order?
You will get a confirmation email 24 hours after placing the order and we ship out the watches 2-3 days after.

Do you have a retail shop?
We don't have a retail store at the moment but we are planning to open physical stores by 2021.

What is the water resistance of the watch?
The water resistance of our watches varies from 30 meters to 200 meters. Though our watches are water resistant, it doesn't mean that they are water proof, so showering or swimming with them are not advisable. Our dive watch collection is an exception, but heavy impact with water is also not recommended. Please push back the crown after every time adjustment. Our warranty will not cover watches that are soaked in water.

What is covered by the warranty?
The warranty covers defects on the movement only due to manufacturing. The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear such as scratches, discoloration, and damage due to improper use. Batteries, straps, cases, buckles are also not covered by the warranty.

How do I fix my broken watch?
If you encountered a problem, please notify us right away with details by emailing and we will let you know what will be the next steps.

My watch stopped after I removed it from my wrist, what should I do?
If you purchased a automatic watch, it is a normal occurrence that it will stop when not in use. Just wear it or wind it to generate power. 

How long does the battery last?
The battery lasts for about a year. You may have a professional watchmaker change the battery, or you can send it to us. Shipping and battery replacement charges will apply as battery is not part of the warranty. 

I received a defective item, what should I do?
Please email us immediately if you received a defective item. A photo or video after unboxing the watch will be advisable so we can assess the issue at once. 

Do you have a Return Policy?
Yes, we have a return policy for defective items sent. We don't accept returns based on buyer's remorse or if the customer wants to switch to another model. You may check the Return policy section for more details.